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Purpose and Scope
  • To set standards and enhance relationships with stakeholders.
  • The policy applies to all Cosmo Central Group employees.
  • Employees are encouraged to report any improper, dishonest or suspicious conduct by other employees or persons.
  • A breach of the policy constitutes a breach of the employment agreement and will result in disciplinary action.
  • Employees will be subjected to Polygraph Examinations.
Conflict of Interest
  • Employees in supervisory positions and above must declare the names of all businesses, companies, close corporations, partnerships or work with which they are associated, or in which they have financial interest. The Group will keep current records of such “Declarations of Interests” and employees must keep the Group updated on such interests. Any such interests are subject to approval by top management.
Bribery and Corruption
  • All forms of bribery and corruption are prohibited.
Business Opportunities
  • Employees may not divert any business opportunity in which the Group may have an interest, away from the Group for the employee’s benefit.
  • A “Gift or Favour” means anything of value, including discounts, entertainment, travel, and loans.  NO gifts or favours may be accepted from anyone.
Outside Business activity
  • No employee may hold a position anywhere else without the permission from the MD.
  • Employees may not sub-contract customers, potential customers and contractors.
Cosmo Central Group Resources
  • Prior written consent is required before employees may use Group resources (e.g. facilities, property) to further their own business or for their personal endeavours.
Restrictive Trade Practices
  • Prior written consent is required before employees may associate the Group with, or on the Group’s behalf enter into, any agreement, arrangement, understanding, scheme, business practice, trading method or the like.
Financial Guidelines
  • Cosmo Central Group’s books, records and accounts shall be maintained in accordance with applicable accounting rules and regulations.
  • Employees will be accountable for monies, cheques and all other documents and property of the Group which come into his or her possession in the course of employment.
Commercial Guidelines
  • The Group’s core function has to be executed safely, with minimum adverse effects on the environment, meet applicable national, provincial and local regulations and industry standards.
  • Employees may not in any way offer, give, solicit, or receive bribes, kickbacks or other illegal or improper payments, transfers, or receipts.
Confidentiality and Inside Information
  • All statements to the media shall be made by, or coordinated with the MD.
  • Employees may not disclose any information regarding the Group (e.g. trade secrets, systems, methods, software, processes, client lists and information, business affairs, etc).
Cosmo Group Property
  • The Group’s property may only be used for the benefit of the Group.
  • The copyright in any software developed by an employee in the course of employment or on behalf of Cosmo Central Group belongs to the Group.
Private Trading
  • The Group does not permit any form of private trading on its premises unless approved in writing by an authorized manager.
Health, Safety and Environment
  • The Group shall comply with applicable national, provincial and the local laws and regulations relating to the environment.
Compliance with the law
  • All employees must comply with the laws and regulations, including those which are industry specific.
  • Harassment can be defined as unwanted behavior which another person finds intimidating, upsetting, embarrassing, humiliating, or offensive. Such behavior is prohibited.
Electronic Media Guide Lines and Social Media Platform
  • Employees may use e-mails and the internet where appropriate for their jobs, but must not use it in any way which would be in breach of copyright, contracts or license agreements.
  • Computer equipment and resources provided by the Group to its Employees, remains company property at all times. Private use of such resources and equipment (including internet and telephones) is not permitted. Use of internet/wi-fi for private reasons, social networking (eg Facebook, Instagram), gaming sites etc. is strictly forbidden during office hours.
  • Employees participating in Social Media shall follow the Group’s important guidelines in the policy to protect the Group’s reputation and remain within the letter and spirit of the law.
This is an extract from the actual Ethics Policy, which is available on the company website, or which can be obtained from the HR Manager or Ethics Manager. To report suspicious behavior, call/SMS/WhatsApp our Group Ethics Manager, Wessel Kritzinger on 076 823 1388 or email: